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About Reliance Works

Isaiah House began an ancillary work program in 2011. In 2014 it became a second chance employment program that eventually developed into Reliance Works, LLC in 2018. Reliance Works is designed to help individuals that are in recovery get a fresh start with employment through the services offered to customers by Reliance Works. Reliance Works is designed to be an employment opportunity for people in recovery but also is working to help build careers for those people by furthering education and certifications through partnerships with various career building organizations.

Some of the services that have been and still are being offered to customers are construction, lawn care, landscaping, property maintenance, snow removal, disinfectant spraying. These are primarily from our Lincoln Co. office with new services being developed through our Eastern KY offices in Estill and Lee Counties. These new services and offices in Eastern KY are a result of Isaiah House being awarded and Appalachian Regional Commission grant based around second chance employment and workforce development.

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